Contracts, Real Estate, Environmental, Entertainment, Employment

Along with our work in estate planning, restraining orders , family law, and mediation, attorney Damir Kouliev and affiliated civil counsel bring our effective, convenient, and affordable services to bring clarity and understanding to Maui, Hilo and Kona clients in a variety of other civil areas. We believe in nipping problems in the bud, instead of expensive litigation and stressful conflicts down the road, by proactively working out the details at the beginning of entering into agreements, and at the early stages of forming business relationships. We assist our client in thinking through and working out the details, preferably before problems arise.

This preventative approach is most critical in the negotiation stage of entering into any form of agreement, and consequently, our services includes thoughtful drafting, review, and interpretation of documents. Securing our services from the outset is always a wise approach, as we can guide our client to ensure that agreement in concept becomes true in reality, right down to the details.

There is a natural thrill when embarking on a new venture, entering into a new working relationship, or finding the right buyer or seller for real estate. While enthusiasm is positive, it can also cloud judgment, so we help our clients “look before they leap” to address the details of “what could go wrong”, before any such things happen. This proactive approach to entering into agreements, or clarifying existing agreements, helps ensure the continued enthusiasm, and future success. With this approach in mind, we are available to assist in all of the following areas:

•Real Estate Contracts & Deeds
•Environmental, Land Use, and Resources
•Landlord-Tenant Relationships
•Business Formation, Corporations, LLC’s and Non-Profit
•Arts and Entertainment, Counseling and Management
•Promissory Notes and Security Instruments (Collateral)
•Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Arrangements
•Other Contracts for Personal Property, Goods, and Services

So whether you are drafting, negotiating, or disputing a contract or document, you can count on us for fair, attentive and personable service.

If your circumstances involve a situation that has already become adversarial, inquiries regarding disputes and possible litigation are also evaluated for intake, on a case by case basis. In that event, our services may include assisted negotiation towards resolution without the need to go to court. As necessary, court proceedings for clients who have been unfairly cheated and have sought redress by other means without successful resolution may be provided.

In all instances, our philosophy is to approach the problem with the goal of the most cost-effective and expedient resolution, consistent with our responsibility to zealously represent the interests of our client. Besides advocacy in the standard attorney-client role, we can also be jointly hired by both parties to a dispute to impartially mediate their potential conflict, whether in person or via video conferencing.

Make the first step in protecting your interests, please send us details and documentation via email to today.