Healing Relationships, Finding Solutions Worldwide

Damir Kouliev is a trained mediator that conducts video sessions world-wide as well as in-person sessions in the Hilo, Hawaii area. With his calm temperament and attentive approach, he mediates conflicts between two parties by helping them be more clear as to their own desires and priorities. Especially in cases involving neighbors, co-workers, and family members, mediation is an excellent way to resolve a dispute without the need for an acrimonious legal proceeding. Besides being more cooperative than litigation, it is private, confidential, inexpensive, fast, informal, neutral, and flexible. And it is effective – many mediation sessions end with a formal agreement that works for both parties, a handshake and no hard feelings. Mediation often arises in the areas of small claims and restraining orders.

As a neutral mediator, Damir Kouliev would outline the basic rules and goals of the process, and ask both parties summarize the dispute. Then he would individually meet with each party in a private session to better understand their position, as well as to assist the party in understanding their own interests and possibly what compromises and solutions they can live with. Then both parties are brought back to discuss how they can meet in the middle to accomplish their goals, and collaborate on a formal agreement that can memorialize any such solution.

If you are having a dispute that seems to drag on with little progress, try mediation with Damir Kouliev. You and the other party can be anywhere in the world, provided that you each have an active internet connection. Home or workplace visit services are available in the Hilo area, as are weekend and evening sessions. Contact the office for a quote or more info.