Protective Order Prosecution, Defense, Mediation

Sometimes we can’t all get along. In instances where there may be harm or threat of harm, a petitioner may file for a Family Court Protective Order or District Court Injunction Against Harassment (for parties without a family or romantic relationship). Attorneys Damir Kouliev can affordably help Maui County petitioners or respondents in Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Restraining Order actions in the Wailuku, Lahaina, Hana, Molokai and Lanai Courts.

For an individual feeling threatened, a restraining order can provide physical safety and peace of mind. However, granting or extending such an order is in the discretion of the court, based on the facts presented in the petition and at hearing. We can advocate so the proper facts are being presented given the court’s criteria, and all the proper procedures are being followed. As we empathetically diffuse the tension at its root, we take pride in providing the supportive counseling that victims need.

On the other hand, those unfairly issued a Temporary Restraining Order are behooved to take the matter seriously. A meek stipulation or a weak defense could be regrettable, because a long-term restraining order can disrupt family, employment, residence, reputation and criminal status for many years. We will make sure your position is properly articulated, allegations are scrutinized, and all options are explored, like whether to counter with a separate petition against the opposing party. Since a pro-se respondent cannot freely communicate with the petitioner except through an attorney, we also allow another option to conciliate with the petitioner on your behalf to clear up misunderstandings and perhaps avoid further court involvement.

Indeed, we believe ultimately that diffusing the underlying conflict outside of court leads to the best long-term result for both parties. To achieve a lasting peace, we can be hired as a third party neutral to conduct mediation, so cooler heads can prevail. In an atmosphere of compromise and mutual understanding, we clarify the facts as pertaining to the law, while navigating thorny emotional and relationship issues. Email for this service.

You can contact us, even after hours, weekends and holidays to get the help you need with your Wailuku, Lahaina, or Hana TRO or Protective matter. Please email with details and any documentation to get started.