Protective Order Filing & Defense, Mediation, and More

Attorney Damir Kouliev will affordably help you file, pursue, or defend against, Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Restraining Order actions in the Hilo, Kona, or Waimea / Kamuela Court, both Orders for Protection in Family Court and Injunctions Against Harassment in District Court.

Stemming from his training as a Mediator, Damir Kouliev believes that diffusing conflicts outside of court leads to the best long-term result for both parties. By cultivating an atmosphere of compromise and mutual understanding, cooler heads can prevail and both parties can have closure.

When reconciliation appears unlikely, restraining orders can be a crucial barrier of defense against harm and threat of harm. If you feel threatened by an individual, obtaining a Protective Order can provide physical safety and peace of mind. Instead of taking the chance of representing yourself in the petition and hearing process, contact Damir Kouliev to help you properly prepare all necessary paperwork, and/or more effectively present your case to the judge at hearing.

Unfortunately, some Protective Orders are obtained with ulterior motives. Mounting a weak defense or meekly stipulating could be a big mistake, because a long-term restraining order, if granted, can disrupt your life with employment, reputation and criminal implications for many years. Damir Kouliev can make sure that you have your day in court, and put the allegations to greater scrutiny.

You can contact Attorney Damir Kouliev, even after hours, weekends and holidays to get the help you need with your Hilo, Kona, or Kamuela TRO or Protective matter. Just order one of our consultations below to get started.