Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Adoption, and more

Attorney Damir Kouliev and affiliated counsel are proud to provide Maui, Hilo and Kona family law services that foster togetherness, collaboration, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Uncontested Divorce is a good example of this philosophy. As painful as it can be otherwise, the end of a marriage does not have to be an adversarial process. Without going to court, both parties can choose to hire one lawyer, or choose to negotiate each with their own lawyer, so as to delineate mutually agreeable terms for division of assets and debts, plus resolve issues pertaining to custody and support of children, all on mutually agreeable or compromise terms. Damir Kouliev and associates can help save time and money by bypassing the lengthy litigation and trial process, through skilled assistance in guiding you through the process.

Marital and Life Partnership Agreements are also an excellent means of avoiding stress and expenditure, by proactively delineating terms and issues at the time of forming a union, or during your marriage. Whether premarital (otherwise known as prenuptial) or postmarital (otherwise known as postnuptial), well drafted contracts allow couples to enter into and/or continue a marriage or life partnership, without worrying about worst-case divorce or breakup scenarios. These agreements can help partners to stay together, as well as protect each spouse’s interests by knowing ahead what to expect if the union does comes to an end. These kinds of agreements can also allow each spouse to continue to acquire separate property while married, and even outline the terms of alimony that would be owed to the other party, in the event of a divorce.

On a case by case basis, we can also handle issues pertaining to estate planning, TRO / restraining orders , paternity, custody, child support, guardianship, termination of parental rights / Child Welfare Services “CPS” cases, adoptions, and more. Please send a detailed email to to see how we can help. to see how we can help. Besides advocacy in the standard attorney-client role, we can also be hired to impartially mediate potential conflict between two parties, whether in person or via video conferencing.

While so many family law issues can be emotional and stressful, securing our support here on Maui and Big Island can mean all the difference.