Affordable Remote Representation or Limited Consultation

Attorney Damir Kouliev defends Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicant (DUI), as well as traffic and criminal cases efficiently, effectively, conveniently, and affordably before Wailuku, Lahaina, Hana, Molokai and Lanai District Courts of Maui County, Kauai, and Hilo, Kona, and Waimea / Kamuela District Courts of Hawaii County.  Available by phone or email, including some weekends and holidays, he will identify and establish defenses, and work towards a favorable plea agreement.

The police, prosecutors, and courts of Maui and Big Island have all been cracking down on driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, both for driving over the legal limit or any amount for underage drinkers. A first conviction for impaired driving stays on your record, and is punishable by a license suspension, fine, classes, treatment, possible jail, and more. Subsequent convictions carry stiffer penalties.

If you are a non-resident that was arrested for DUI while visiting the islands, do not despair. Attorney Kouliev frequently represents tourists and visitors so that they can come home and not have to stick around to show up for court. You can rest assured that your case is professionally handled and all options presented even if you’re thousands of miles away.

DUI allegations involve not just the judiciary, but Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Office (ADLRO). Especially with the Public Defender’s assistance unavailable for this crucial, technical and time-sensitive process, an attorney like Damir Kouliev can help you keep your license.

Fitting your budget, Damir Kouliev offers affordable telephonic and in-person consultations to discuss your case, or explore plea options. Even on weekends, holidays or after-hours, order a consult using the buttons below.