Criminal & Traffic Statutes & Rules
A. Promoting a Detrimental Drug (First | Second | Third Degree)
B. Promoting a Dangerous Drug (First | Second | Third Degree)
C. DUI: Offense & Penalties
D. Excessive Speeding: Offense & Penalties
E. Reckless Driving
F. No Insurance Penalties
G. No License Offense | Penalties
H. Driving with License Suspended due to DUI: Offense & Penalties
I. Theft in the First |Second | Third | Fourth Degree | Credit cards
J. Assault (first | second | third degree )
K. Robbery (first | second degree)

L. Burglary (First | second degree)
M. Criminal Property Damage (First | Second | Third | Fourth deg)
N. Harassment
P. Inattention to driving
Q. Trespassing (Simple | First Degree | Second | Parks & Rec)
R. Terroristic Threatening in the first degree | second degree
S. Drug Paraphernalia
T. Failure to Appear
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U. Contempt of Court
V. Violation of Order for Protection
W. Abuse of Family or Household Member

X. Reckless Endangering (first | second degree)
Y. Negligent Injury ( first or second degree)
Z. Resisting Arrest

Criminal & Traffic Procedure & Forms
Speedy Trial Right
SR22 / Proof of Financial Responsibility Activation
Levels of Offenses
Deferred Plea (aka Deferral, DAG, DANC)
Conditional Discharge
First Time Drug Offender
Conditions of Probation

Restraining Orders Laws & Forms
District Court
Harassment definition
Injunction statute

Family Court
Protective Order Statute