Neutrality For Dispute Resolution

In the Hilo area, as well as video sessions world-wide, Attorney Damir Kouliev offers mediation as an informal form of alternative dispute resolution to prevent hostile, expensive litigation. Acting as neutral third party, he brings the parties together in a relaxed, cooperative environment where both parties can freely and confidentially present relevant issues, getting things “off their chest,” while also “seeing the other side.” Whether in divorce and family issues, probate and estates, plus other civil matters, including contracts, employment, landlord-tenant, small claims and real estate, mediation is an inexpensive and flexible method to put issues into proper perspective, develop options, and finally find common ground with a workable agreement. In so doing, we are proud to perpetuate the “ho’oponopono” process practiced in Hawaii for generations.

An attorney mediator facilitates communication between the parties, draws out the facts, provides legal information, fairly evaluates legal positions, and troubleshoots the barriers to settlement, without imposing a decision or solution on the parties. Both parties would consent to the attorney’s role as a “third party neutral” and be willing and able to participate in good faith (hence, the cost of the mediator is typically shared between the two parties). An attorney mediator technically represents neither party, and cannot subsequently represent neither party regarding the subject matter of the session (unless both parties consent). Calm and attentive, Damir Kouliev remains grounded in relevant legal principles and procedures, yet remain sensitive to the emotional, relationship, and communication issues that go beyond black-letter law.

If you are having a dispute that seems to drag on with little progress, try mediating it with Attorney Kouliev. Even on weekends and evenings, he can meet in your offices, or any appropriate location in Hilo. Video-conferencing is also an option, provided that both parties have a reliable internet connection. To start, please email and “cc” the other prospective participant in the spirit of transparency and cooperation. We also reflect referrals; if you’re referring two parties to mediation, you may “cc” them when initially emailing us.