“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…” – Lao Tzu

Legal matters can be overwhelming without professional help, which isn’t abundant in an isolated rural area like Moloka’i or Lānai. Previously, talking with a lawyer likely required costly travel off island. Now, we are pleased to announce a new resource for the people of Moloka’i and Lānai to understand and solve legal problems, as Big Island criminal and traffic attorney Damir Kouliev expands his remote virtual services to those islands. Mr. Kouliev makes use of technology like cell phones, email, texting, and Skype / FaceTime to provide much-needed guidance, while allowing the customer to stay in the comfort, convenience and privacy of home.

Mr. Kouliev emphasizes practicality, common sense, simplicity, and value in his professional approach. He uses an easy to understand approach to clarify issues, laws and strategies, so as to affordably coach and empower the customer with the tools, tips and knowledge needed to handle a situation. Often, even a little help can go a long way. Plus, he is usually available after-hours, weekends, and holidays to provide help when needed most, and personally responds to most inquiries within 24 hours. The content of communications is, of course, kept strictly confidential.

The most basic such “a la carte” service provided is a tele-consultation, in which Mr. Kouliev sets aside a 30 minute block of time to ask and answer key questions. He would highlight the important facts and applicable State law, plus options and resources available to most efficiently tackle the issue, with the least further cost. Oftentimes, solutions are quite simple, but one needs to know how and where to look. Without creating a formal retained attorney-client relationship, Mr. Kouliev presents an invaluable road map for how to proceed.

The other remote virtual service is for assistance drafting, up to one page in length, a document, pro-se motion or a letter. This would be a collaborative process in which the customer, using email, or text message, would send a description of pertinent facts, priorities in their own words, as well as any attachments, and Mr. Kouliev would put all this information into a concise and authoritative document to enhance the presentation and effectiveness of the customer’s position. Again, this would be a stand-alone, one-time service, that does not create a formal attorney-client relationship.

To contact Damir Kouliev, please email Office@808Attorney.com, or text (808) 854-7558. To visit the online store, visit mkt.com/808attorney