Unique Background, Unique Perspective

Principal attorney Damir Kouliev has taken a road less travelled to his multi-island private law practice that is 808Attorney, Inc. He grew up in Europe, and after he attended Reed College, William S. Richardson’s School at University of Hawaii-Manoa and Golden Gate University, he opened a solo practice in Hilo.

Damir Kouliev has since successfully expanded to Maui, serving as Vice President of the Maui County Bar Association and spearheading the Maui Self Help Center which provide guidance for unrepresented parties. His professional and community endeavors have a colloborative approach to community enrichment, steeped in the aloha spirit.

Outside the courthouse, Damir Kouliev enjoys family time, fitness, outdoor adventures, sports, nutrition, music, art, water activities, and meditation. He has traveled extensively, especially in Europe and the Caribbean. He is also a certified yoga teacher, having trained in India and Indonesia, as well as several programs in Hawaii. These techniques and life experiences keep Damir level-headed, and better able to help his clients cope with stress in legal situations.

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