Unique Background, Unique Perspective

Damir Kouliev has taken a road less travelled to private law practice on the Big Island. He grew up in Europe, and after he graduated with his Bachelor in Anthropology from rigorous and academically ambitious Reed College, he decided to attend law school at William S. Richardson’s School at University of Hawaii-Manoa in Honolulu and Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA.   In 2007 he was awarded Juris Doctorate Degree and Environmental Specialization Certificate (with Distinction) and became a member of the Hawaii State Bar and Hawaii County Bar.

After starting his career as an associate with a prominent Hilo firm, Damir Kouliev has transitioned to a successful criminal defense practice, while staying active in environmental, health, youth, and social justice issues.  For example, he was a recipient of a 2008 Healing Our Island Grant, to put together a benefit concert focused on fighting methamphetamine use through healthy recreational options. His professional and community endeavors are based on the premise that cultivation of self-worth and pro-social activities can repair lives and communities.

In his own life, Damir Kouliev maintains health and balance with travel, outdoor adventures, sports, nutrition, music, art, water sports, meditation, and martial arts.

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